Friday, 24 May 2013

how to add image/icon and text in ultratool control on specific and all tab in

Hi everyone
that is the way to add image or icon on tab(specific ) and all tab of ultra Tab control

Step 1 :
Add image on your resource file folder on your code
Go on Your Solution Explore  and then go on My Project then click on Resources.resx
image select option then add image
After That
Step 2:
add this code in your Form. i add  image In my resource folder ambulance1_256 please change the name of pics with that
  This line is add for show same pics/icon on all tab

   'Me.UltraTabControl1.Appearance.Image = My.Resources.ambulance1_256
'Here is line for Adding image on tab 1 and tab 3

        Me.UltraTabPageControl1.Tab.Appearance.Image = My.Resources.ambulance1_256
        Me.UltraTabPageControl3.Tab.Appearance.Image = My.Resources.ambulance1_256
'for adding text in specific tab please write that code. i add on the first tab
 Me.UltraTabPageControl1.Tab.Text = "ahmad"
I Hope that code is helpful to you.if you need more help please tell me by comments

Ahmad Khalid
Software Engineer